Fashion and lifestyle, two seemingly entirely different yet actually hugely co-related entities. You might not realize how these two aspects of your life affect each other but the truth remains; your fashion choices influence the way people view your lifestyle and your way of living greatly impacts the fashion choices you make. Your fashion style and taste actually imposes a reflection on your lifestyle. Being up to date on the latest fashion trends makes people around you look at you in a more positive light. Having a grasp at the contemporary fashion sense and showing it off with your physical attributes makes people think you are the one with their life in order. You might even become a local role model for some!

In today’s world, it is extremely easy to look like a fashion icon without having to spend loads on namely big brands, all due to the global reach of the fashion markets. The way you dress up and wear your accessories describes a great aspect of your lifestyle to your immediate surroundings. Hence, being knowledgeable of the latest fashion mania is undoubtedly only for the better of yourself and your image! Which is why,  here at Anew Couture Boutique we bring you some tips and vogue to keep in mind when you go out shopping or get dressed for a fun girls’ night out downtown this summer!

As the snowy weather forecasts become part of the distant memory and runways swap Goth boots for flowery sandals and slippers, you know it’s time for the sun to shine and for the ground to heat up. This summer is all about bold statement-making clothing and dramatic backless dresses that are sure to keep you feeling cool and looking hot alike.

Making a comeback are off the shoulder rompers, that make you feel modern and adventurous without being too revealing. To go with that, runways and red carpets have also seen quite a share of floral printed shorts. So grab a colorful bold pair and show off those legs! If you are looking for a bit more fresh, crisp and elegant look, going for an all-white ensemble wouldn’t be a bad idea. Add a pop of color to your outfit with a bright tote or handbag.

Word on the street is, crop tops are still in fashion. So make sure you make use of all the cropped blouses and skirts in your wardrobe before their hype dies down to score that perfect modern-esque chic look. Another craze that is still carrying strong are cutout dresses. Whether it be small perforated holes in a leather dress, geometric shapes on a lacy pull over, or a big space between fabrics on the back of your floral dress, it is the perfect outfit to look trendy and make a statement. After all nothing says business upfront, party in the back like a bold backless piece!

To give you a little idea, start off your quest to find your style for this summer by browsing through our collection of contemporary style outfits and embellishments to go with for your perfect look! But remember, make sure you do not become a slave of fashion. Instead, go for a style that suits your taste and makes you feel comfortable. As Coco Chanel has said, “Fashion fades; only style remains the same.” So get working on your own unique fashion style to ensure you are the one who stands out at any and every gathering and event you grace your presence with.

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