Beauty sleep, beauty sleep, beauty sleep! If your bed feels a tad bit too heavenly to you in the morning and the snooze button on your alarm clock is something you are all too familiar with, you might constantly find yourself running around fruitlessly, trying to get ready in a moment so you do not end up being late for work. Or maybe you find yourself arriving an hour late at your friend’s birthday party; your friend may end up not talking to you for days until you buy her brunch, but you just cannot skip on your 45-minute getting-ready-in-the-morning routine.
If that’s the case with you, here are some tricks and tips for you to cut down on the time you spend in front of a mirror in the morning just so you can look presentable, and still look as fabulous as always!

One of the worst things, when you get up in the morning, is thinking about what to wear. It makes you want to just stay in bed even longer. So, instead of dreading that time of the morning, pick out your outfit the night before. No matter how exhausted you are, think about the extra five minutes of peaceful sleep you will be getting in the morning.

With everything you will be wearing picked out, dressing up in the morning will take no more than a minute or two. You will not to search everywhere for that one earring or decide on what shoes you should wear with that skirt. If you did not happen to hang your outfit for the morning in the closet, wearing all black is the safest bet. Some quirky, colorful shoes will go well with the ensemble!

You can find numerous products in the market today that do twice the work and save you time. For example, concealers with added SPF are now commonplace in the market. Splash your face with some cold water to freshen your sleepy eyes and slap on some of the SPF added concealer to smoothen your skin. Use an in-shower moisturizer to rid yourself from applying lotion after your quick two-minute wash-up.

Apply some multi-purpose foundation and get started on a makeup routine that you should practice and follow consistently. This way you can be quick and efficient when putting it on. Using eyeshadow palettes that mention the shades for eyelid, crease and brow bone greatly help reduce wasted time. Go for natural colors when in a hurry as they blend well with the skin tone. A brightly colored lipstick can help you wake-up. Have a go-to shade ready at hand.
If you do not have time for anything, make sure to curl your eyelashes and place a pop of mascara as it can literally open your eyes and make you look awake.

When rushing for time, knots and chignons are the way to go. Whether it be a messy side bun, a tight top knot, or a loosely braided chignon, they can save you time and look pretty at the same time. Pulling your hair back in a ponytail or simply brushing it back with some water can help tame it too.
Hairsprays will be your best friend in keeping your hair looking fresh and clean throughout the day.

Multitasking is extremely important when trying to save time. For example, as you are leaving to dress up put on the coffee so you do not have to worry about making breakfast later. Grab a granola bar as you slip into your shoes and make your hair as your foundation sets or your mascara dries. Doing so can help you save a great deal of time.

Stay calm and collected and find ways to utilize little time in the most productive ways. With practice and repetition, you will surely find your groove and will be easily getting ready every day in under 15 minutes!

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