Importance of Prepping Your Skin Before Makeup Application

Skin preparation before makeup application is a daily ritual for many women around the world. And while there are no rules about what exactly a prepping session should consist of, they usually go down the same way. It all starts with cleaning the skin, followed by moisturizing, application of concealer if needed, and finally by applying the primer. Once that is done, makeup application can begin. But did you ever wonder why it’s so important to prep your skin before applying makeup?

Skin preparation has a threefold effect on your skin - it makes it healthier, it makes it more beautiful, and it makes it better suited for makeup application. Each step in the process counts towards this. Cleaning your skin removes the excess of sebum and the tiny debris that settles on the skin during the day - and night - and can cause inflammation. Cleaning the skin can also be paired with exfoliation, which will help remove the dead skin cells and allow the live and healthy ones to breathe.

Moisturizer is important because it provides your skin with the much-needed moisture, and helps the skin retain it. Moisturizing is an important step for keeping your skin from becoming dry, which will make it look unhealthy, and in some cases might lead to inflammation as well. Concealer, well, conceals all the blemishes and imperfections you don’t want other people to see, so it’s a purely esthetic step, and priming prepares your clean and healthy skin for the actual application of makeup.

So, the next time you’re sitting or standing in front of the mirror and going through the prepping ritual, remind yourself that it’s all well worth it. Prepping your skin before you apply makeup will make your skin healthier and more beautiful. It will also make the process of makeup application easier, and it will make the results of makeup application better. That’s why you should never skip prepping your skin before doing your makeup - preparation shows.

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