Three Ways to Rock Plaid this Winter

Three Ways to Rock Plaid this Winter

We all know that a plaid blanket scarf is the chicest winter staple there is, but there are tons of other ways that you can rock the season’s favorite print. Switch it up this winter and wear your plaid in different ways to show off your inner fashionista! Keep reading to find out these quirky ways to pop with plaid!

1. Shoes: This is a bold move and one that might seem a bit intimidating at first, but plaid shoes can be a major statement piece. Whether you want to channel your inner British rockstar with a pair of plaid Doc martins, your favorite leather jacket, and a vintage band tee, or you want to keep it classy and cute with a sweet pair of plaid pumps, a white pussy-bow blouse, and an A-line skirt, your plaid shoes will be a major conversation starter!

Three Ways to Rock Plaid this Winter

2. Coat: Fall coats can be a lot more fun than their winter equivalents because they don’t have to be quite so heavy-duty. And why shouldn’t you have fun with your coat? You’ll probably be wearing it every day for the better part of three months, so shouldn’t it be something a bit more exciting than your standard neutrals? Don’t forget, there are lots of different types of plaid, so don’t think that you have to stick to the traditional red and black variety. A blue peacoat with a very subtle plaid print, or a princess coat in a gray plaid are all super cute warm weather options.

3. Nails: Killer nails are a trend that just won’t quit so why not incorporate plaid into the equation? There are tons of ways you can do this other than just telling your nail tech, “I want plaid nails”. Get a bit more creative with it there are tons of other ways that you can rock the season’s favorite print. Because most nail technicians these days are pretty much magicians and can literally design anything! Maybe a plaid accent nail? Or perhaps a continuous plaid effect going across all your nails. Maybe even a different type of plaid on each nail if you’re feeling adventurous! Either way, plaid + your nails sound like your next trip to the nail salon to us!

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